Green Cleaning services San Diego

As a commercial cleaning company, we are conscious of our responsibility towards the environment. At Clean 1 USA we adhere to green cleaning services that practice eco-friendly cleaning that is safe, effective, and environment friendly.  Eco-friendly cleaning is arguably the best way of conducting commercial cleaning and as a professional cleaning company, we understand how important it is to keep your space clean and ensuring that there is no damage to the environment.

We have introduced this green cleaning services for the people who are more sensitive than the average and cannot handle even the slightest phantom smell that is of chemicals. The products we use in green cleaning are toxins-free and assure to give a fresh and clean ambiance where you won’t have to tolerate any sort of irksome smell.

Our skeptical green cleaning practices include:

  • Using 100% eco-friendly products

The first step to green cleaning is eliminating harmful and toxic chemicals that are harmful both for your health and the planet. Unlike other commercial cleaning companies, we use products that are effective and do not pollute groundwater.

  • Sustainable Ways to Conserve Water

Water conservation is our top priority. With the use of modern equipment and appropriate cleaning practices, our aim is to avoid any wastage of water. And with our expert team, we always achieve our cleaning goal and shall continue to do it.

  • Proper Waste Disposal

As eco-friendly cleaners, we handle waste in a proper way. We believe in recycling and also avoid the use of plastic liners for trash. The concept of green cleaning services is not just brushing off the dirt from your workplace but also from the world. We do our part to avail of this service and expect you to choose this service so that every individual contributes to the environment,

Adapting to these eco-friendly practices in our cleaning procedures reflects our commitment to the environment. We take pride in being a company that believes in green-cleaning and in delivering exceptional service. Contact us today for a free quote.