Tips for Keeping Your Office’s Reception Area Tidy

Tips for Keeping Your Office’s Reception Area Tidy

While you can never judge a book by its cover, it’s difficult not to judge a company by its reception area. The reception area of your company could be the first thing a visitor sees when they arrive. As they wait for their appointment, they’ll undoubtedly shape an impression of your business based on what they see. There are several oversights that could set your next meeting off on the wrong foot, ranging from soiled carpets and cluttered counters to lingering lunch odors.

A welcoming reception area ensures that prospective employees and customers, as well as visiting clients and contacts, have a good first impression of your business. Our Commercial office cleaning experts have come up with four ways to keep your reception area looking its best if it is in need of some elbow grease.

Create clear space

  • Visitors would be put off by a cluttered, crowded reception room. Instead, a crowded room would reflect poorly on your company, implying that your space is small and that your company is possibly disorganized. Although few small and medium-sized businesses can afford a huge, elegant waiting room, there are a few things you can do to make your reception feel bigger:
  • Get rid of the clutter – If your reception area also serves as a storage area for papers, stationery, and other business supplies, find a different location or a hidden solution for these items.
  • Keep magazines to a minimum – While a few business-appropriate publications demonstrate your company’s pulse (and provide entertaining reading material), don’t overcrowd your reception area with them. It will suffice to have a limited, frequently updated set.
  • If you don’t have enough room for a reception desk, consider installing a mounted tablet where visitors can check-in.
  • Minimize and streamline furniture in your reception area by fine-tuning it. In order to maximize space, downsize reception furniture to a few sleek, simple chairs if your guests won’t be waiting long.

Get rid of stale odors

If your office is open plan, smells like coffee and Tupperware lunches will inevitably make their way to the reception. Reduce these smells in your reception area as much as possible, as scents can have a big impact on a visitor’s first impression of a company. Food should not be consumed in the reception area or its immediate vicinity, and an essential oil burner or reed fragrance diffuser should be used to ensure that the reception smells good. A few simple screens could help to secure this entrance area and give your employees a little more privacy.

Add in some extras

In a reception area, a small waste receptacle and a small recycling bin are needed. These extras will ensure that visitors can dispose of trash in a convenient manner, rather than leaving trash on your property. You might also add a water dispenser in your waiting area to make it more comfortable. Set up a daily cleaning schedule that prioritizes your reception area.

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